Personal Real Estate Shopper in Barcelona city

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Personal Real Estate Shopper

A graduate in Business Administration and MBA at ESADE, he has more than 20 years’ experience in the real estate sector. After several years in managerial roles in the most important real estate companies in the country, he decided to start up his own business after identifying an important lack in the sector: the exclusive defense of the real estate buyers’ interests in Spain.

Thus was born Iñaki Unsain (Personal Real Estate Shopper) a company offering real estate services, mainly focused on property searching in Barcelona, purchasing investment assets positioning and defending exclusively the rights of the buying client.

Iñaki accompanies his clients, both companies and private clients and helps them to purchase any real estate asset; searching, negotiating and obtaining the best deal for the client.

The purchase of property is probably the most important operation that we will do in our life, which is why Iñaki carries out the search personally to give his clients the maximum level of professionalism, trustworthiness and tranquility while acquiring property making an important saving of both time and money.


Advise the buyer to get your dream home

My Motivation

My passion for the real estate sector and realizing there is a serious lack in representation of a professional and independent service which exclusively defends the interests of house buyers in Barcelona made me set up ACV in 2009.

We help you to find the house of your dreams. Thanks to more than 20 years” experience in the sector and a profound vision of the market, we save you time and money, since we search, investigate and negotiate to achieve the best price.

Why use our services?

The advantages
Time saving
Saving in house price
Success cases
Years of experience
In the real estate sector
Housing search
In Barcelona city
Cups of coffee
To keep you active and productive
Satisfied clients
Enjoying your new home

Tell us how you want the house of your dreams to look.

We will find it and negotiate the best price.