Report of housing prices in Barcelona

Data of price variation according to different districts

Analysis of price changes in the city of Barcelona

The average price of second-hand housing in Barcelona Capital is in December 2019 at € 4,084 / m2, this price corresponds to what we had in mid-2005.
The accumulated fall since the highs of June 2007 is -22.8%, on that date the price was € 5,291 / m2.

During the year 2019 there was a negative variation of -2.7%, which indicates that we may be entering a period of price correction after 5 years of price growth, but each area has its own evolution. This is the forecast that manages the consensus of experts in the real estate sector, which insists that if something is going to characterize 2020 it is moderation and prudence.

Prices in the last 12 months have shown minimal upward and downward movements. The price in December remains at levels somewhat lower than those of 12 months ago, with a negative variation of -2.7% but it is important if it begins to be significant.

In our opinion, this change in trend is explained by the uncertainties generated by political problems in Catalonia, the approval of the Decree of the Generalitat to facilitate access to housing for the most disadvantaged people and some airs from the arrival a new crisis. We believe that the demand has been put on alert and is awaiting events. We also believe that the strong increases of the last 5 years have placed prices at very high levels and that we are possibly entering a phase of minimum price variations until uncertainties are cleared

Analyzing the different districts of Barcelona, ​​the prices above € 5,000 of Sarria Sant Gervasi stand out, we have four districts with prices above € 4,000 (Eixample, Gracia, Les Corts and Ciutat Vella), three districts with prices in the band € 3,000 (Sants, Sant Andreu and Horta) and finally Nous Barris in the € 2,000 range

We see that the vast majority of districts are showing negative growth, highlighting the fall of Grace (-3.8%), Ciutat Vella (-4.0%) and Horta Guinardó (-4.1%)

Sarria Sant Gervasi is just growing (0.4%) and Eixample and Nous Barris are the districts that worked best in 2019 with growth of 1.9% and 1.3% respectively

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