Report of housing prices in Barcelona

Data of price variation according to different districts

Analysis of price changes in the city of Barcelona

The average Price of a second hand house in Barcelona Capital in June 2020 was  4.126 €/m2, this price corresponds to the price we had in mid 2005.
The accumulated fall since the maximum in June 2007 is  -22,0%, at which time the price stood at 5.291€/m2.

During 2020 there has been a positive mínimum variation, with 0,2% increase, which shows that we could be entering a period of price stability, but each área has its own evolution.

Prices in the last 12 months have shown minimal upward and downward movements. The price in June has decreased 0.7% in one month and 1.5% compared to 12 months ago, which makes us think that it is possible that we are entering a period of price adjustment motivated by Covid .

We will be attentive to the prices of the next months when the repercussions of the Covid-19 appear

Analyzing the different districts of Barcelona, the prices above € 5,000 in Sarria Sant Gervasi and Les Corts stand out. We have three districts with prices above € 4,000 (Eixample, Gracia and Ciutat Vella), four districts with prices in the band € 3,000 (Sant Martí, Sants, Sant Andreu and Horta) and finally Nous Barris in the € 2,000 range

Most districts have not changed substantially in the past 12 months. There are only 2 districts to mention ; Les Corts (+6,8%) and Sants (-5,0%)

During 2020 the prices of the districts have not changed significantly except for Les Corts (-7.8%) and Horta (-3.9%)

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